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Welcome to BZH.lan.

This site hosts the virtual life of Yann E. MORIN1) on the internet.

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I can be reached through a number of communication channels, in order of preference:

You can grab my vCard,
or just scan the URL:
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yann [dot] morin [dot] 1998 [at] free [dot] fr
Bellevue - 35440 Montreuil sur Ille - FRANCE
48° 18' 1.53" N 1° 41' 4.11" W 2) 3)
+(0/33) 662 376 056
PGP key fingerprint 9F91 B49A AB70 F883 EEA3 941B B99C DE8E A156 D05D


Below you can find some of my on-going projects, development or not:

There is no conspiracy

  • Other stuff
    • BZH, a short story set in Britany, about gnomes, fairies and the likes…
    • I'm maintaining (trying to maintain) a log of my activities.
1) Please note that my full name is Yann E. MORIN, with the middle E. not omitted. Thank you.
2) , 3) Request authorisation by e-mail first. Failure to do so will just have you ignored and blocked. Thank you.
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