BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterbrsh/initprj: properly check coherence btw --local and --csetYann E. MORIN13 days
DEMO/20140817.18/rpi-pc-xbmccommit b0ca2d79cd...Yann E. MORIN4 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
13 daysbrsh/initprj: properly check coherence btw --local and --csetHEADmasterYann E. MORIN1-6/+7
13 daysbrsh/initprj: using the bundled br2-external must be --localYann E. MORIN1-0/+4
13 daysbrsh/initprj: add possibility to create a new-workdirYann E. MORIN1-8/+35
13 daysbrsh/initprj: prepare for more than --local/--cloneYann E. MORIN1-24/+30
13 daysbrsh/initprj: accept 'bundled' to behave as a br2-external treeYann E. MORIN1-2/+11
13 daysexternal: add base for providing external packagesYann E. MORIN2-0/+1
13 daysbrsh/initprj: properly auto-completeYann E. MORIN1-2/+0
13 daysbrsh/initprj: display proper error message on unknown optionsYann E. MORIN1-1/+2
13 daysscripts/functions: remove useless local variableYann E. MORIN1-1/+0
2014-08-18version: bumpDEMO/20140817.18/rpi-pc-xbmcYann E. MORIN1-1/+1