OK, at last, I'll start documenting e-train. :-)

During many years, I've tried to make up my mind about what exactly I wanted; I wrote some code to form the basic infrastructure, which I eventualy dumped as it was really complex; I even started an informal specification (kind of spec, actually). I even built a subversion repository when I thought I was really ready to start development, but even that stalled.

So now is the time to really start to put things together, and have something come out of what is currently hidding in the depth of my skull: e-train has to live soon, or die definitely.

What is e-train, actually?

e-train is an attempt to revive my youth, when I was playing with my electric train, in the attic. I really enjoyed that, my father by my side helping with building the circuit, racing trains side by side…

Now, what I want, is revive these afternoons, but without the burden to turn the power knob to accelerate/decelerate the train, without the burden to isolate parts of the circuit because there could be two trains on each parts running at different speeds, trains colliding because I forgot the tracks would eventually cross at some point, and so on… I want to sit in front of my computer, select a train, drop it onto its final destination, and have it go there on its own. Yes, I want that, plus many other goodies! :-)

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