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 ===== News ===== ===== News =====
 +  * 2017-04-09: it has been brought to my attention that this page was not up-to-date. And indeed, it was not: all versions since the previous entry have indeed been released, up to and including ****, see the [[/download/kconfig-frontends/?sort=modtime|downloads section]]. Note however that this webpage is (as you could see) seldom updated. Please see the [[/git/kconfig-frontends/|git repository]], which gets a bit more attention.
   * 2013-11-09: **** has been released ([[/download/kconfig-frontends/kconfig-frontends-|xz]], [[/download/kconfig-frontends/kconfig-frontends-|bz2]])   * 2013-11-09: **** has been released ([[/download/kconfig-frontends/kconfig-frontends-|xz]], [[/download/kconfig-frontends/kconfig-frontends-|bz2]])
   * 2013-09-03: **** has been released ([[/download/kconfig-frontends/kconfig-frontends-|xz]], [[/download/kconfig-frontends/kconfig-frontends-|bz2]])   * 2013-09-03: **** has been released ([[/download/kconfig-frontends/kconfig-frontends-|xz]], [[/download/kconfig-frontends/kconfig-frontends-|bz2]])
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