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Long time, no post… Well, after all, this is not a LiveJournal…

Recently, I've lost a full worth of a week catching up with Questionable Content. This is a webcomic about a group of indie twenty-so boys and girls. The story involves a few main characters, centered on Marten, an indie-rock fan, his roomate Faye, the sassy girl, and Dora, former goth and girlfriend to the former. The plot happens in a few places, such as Marten and Faye's flat, Dora's Coffee of Doom, or Marten's workplace. The story is all about the characters lives, not unlike the TV series Friends, with a lot of references to the indie culture, humour (often revolving around subtle and less-subtle sexual puns) and love/romantic melodrama.

I've found it so funny and enternaining that I spent a full week's worth of my evenings reading the entire story from strip #1, up to the latest #1680. :-) As a bonus, I get to learn new words and phrases (I'm French, remember!).

I would highly recommend reading Questionable Content (starting strip #1, of course), it's fun!

This is why my other projects have suffered lately… I shall catch up in the upcoming days…


After reading Ulrich DREPPER's last post about the upcoming glibc-2.10, I've come up with the exact, hidden meaning of glibc:
GNU's Lousy and Icky Bloatware Compilation.

Yes, glibc is getting more and more bloated. Exessively bloated. It's a wonder it still works. Or seems to be working…


I was looking back at the crosstool-NG releases. Seems I'm able to maintain about a 4-month schedule between releases. I was initially planning such a rate, but was not too sure if I could sustain such short periods.

That's good news! It means that, despite lacking a real roadmap, having a few submissions, and my being almost the only developper, I managed to make it evolve at a correct pace! :-)

On a similarly bright side, more and more people are using it, submissions rate increase, and some fellows are even trying to using it on differnet hosts (Cygwin, OpenSolaris, *BSD to name a few).

I'm quite happy with crosstool-NG now. Both in its features and in the code base quality, but also because it allowed me to participate to the FLOSS community in a way I was able to!


There has been a major disruption of service for the last two days, due to a more-than-1-hour power outage. When power was restored to the house, it was too late: the UPS had finally gave up, and the server does/can not restart automatically. Unfortunately, it happened just a few hours after I settled for a 3-day trip to Cambridge, UK, and I was only able to restart the server tonight, at around 2230+0100.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


There has been a long down-time this afternoon, when my modem failed to reboot after an upgrade.

The software upgrade went smoothly, but the modem would no longer establish the DSL link, the administration web-GUI was unreachable, and it was impossible to ssh-in. On top of that, the WiFi link was down, and I had to get wired.

After a factory reset, the new version would not accept settings saved with a prior version, so I had to restore them by hand. It was only after 6 hours of intense checking, testing, and double-checking, that the modem was back to operational.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

As a conclusion: the DLink DSL-G624T is crap. But I think I already said that earlier this year… :-(


crosstool-NG-1.3.0 has been released tonight! Yeah! More on the crosstool-NG page.


uClibc-0.9.30 is out since a few days now! At last! :-) It is already selectable in crosstool-NG if you're using trunk, and I'm planning the next crosstool-NG release in the up-coming days, which will start the 1.3 branch and will terminate maintenance for the 1.2 branch. Stay tuned! ;-)


Due to unexpected heavy plumbing works in the house, I had to shut down the server for about three hours in the morning. Service was restored a little before 1100(CEST).

There was no hardware failure when re-starting the server, although the CPU and power fans are horribly noisy at startup, but gets a little bit more quiet after a few minutes. Seems like it is time to upgrade this 5-year old machine…


crosstool-NG has seen its 1000th commit after an almost two-year development! Yeah! 8-)

Earlier this day, crosstool-ng-1.2.3 was released.

Just noted that the hit count for crosstool-NG exceeded the 5,000 URL hits a few days ago, when 1.2.2 was released! Wouhou! :-)


My new machine has arrived: a Core 2 Quad @ 2.83 GHz with 4GiB RAM. I'm still missing the new graphic card and the silent fans for the case, but nonetheless it rocks! I'm now able to build a full toolchain (uClibc and gcc-4.3.1 with Fortran and Java) in less than half an hour, where it took about two hours with my previous machine!

Speaking of toolchains, crosstool-NG is now released as version 1.2.2. Trunk has seen major improvements, amongst which support for gcc 4.3 and eglibc, plus a bunch of other smaller improvements and fixes.


Released crosstool-NG 1.1.2 a few days ago. Popularity on is 0.68% with 3235 URL hits, which is quite good! I'd like it if it could reach 1% popularity or 5,000 URL hits by the end of the year…

Update to the below: in fact, once again, gcc was at fault: it can't build big-endian ARM EABI toolchains. The sucker needs another patch… Tss…


Once is not customs: binutils is a sucker. I'm usually moaning about gcc, but now's the time for binutils

I've spent a large part of the night trying to understand why I could not build an EABI, uClibc, big endian, ARM toolchain. It appeared that binutils considers the armeb-unknown-linux-uclibcgnueabi as if it were the same as arm-unknown-linux-uclibcgnueabi, which it is obviously not.

I have to pass specially crafted LDFLAGS down to ld so that it correctly does its job. But it seems that's not enough… Sigh…


A global power outtage occurred 20080515.2315+0200. Unfortunately, I was at work when the power was restored 8 hours later, so the server has been offline for about 19 hours. Fortunately, my recent purchase of a UPS allowed me to properly shut it down. When powered back up, damage had occurred neither to the hardware, nor to any data.

This power outtage prevented me from publishing crosstool-NG 1.1.1, which is a bug-fix only release to the previous 1.1.0 release, on time. It is now done. See there.


The server at home is now set in its final place. Incidentally, that doubled the ADSL synchro speed from a mere 6Mibps to almost 12Mibps! Whaoo! This must be due to better and shorter telephone cabling.

I know I have a bunch of unused telephone lines in the house, plus legacy lightning protection that can be safely removed nowadays; removing these should further sanitise the telephone cabling, and I should be able to gain a bit more DSL speed. Sounds appealing, maybe next WE I'll hack the telephone lines in the house.


While hacking the configuration of crosstool-NG, I found an interesting feature/bug of mconf. Consider the following Kconfig snippet:

  bool "Test"

config A
  bool "A"
if A
config A_OPT
  bool "A option"
endif # A

config B
  bool "B"
if B
config B_VAL
  string "B value"
endif # B


Will give you correctly indented sub-options for both A and B. Eg, if A is selected:

      Test (A)  --->
  [ ]     A option
Or, if B is selected:
      Test (B)  --->
  ()      B value

This was really an interesting discovery, and I hope this is a feature of mconf, not a bug! :-) The only glitch here is the repeated selected entry line. But we can leave with that, can't we? :-)


The mail server acting as mail-relay is now back up and running. I can now be joined to my mail adress again. At last, took more than two weeks sorting this out… Sigh… :-(


My server and its external hard-drive are now backed up by a UPS, as well as the WRT54G acting as ethernet/WiFi bridge. At last! :-) This UPS will avoid hardware damage in case of power outtage (which tend to be quite frequent these times), and utlimately will also allow continuous service of the server when the modem is backed up. The modem being temporarily in another room until my computer room is finished, it is not backed up yet. But this is planned.

A short un-planned interruption of service occurred while the UPS was being installed (less than 5 minutes, should have gone un-noticed).


My DSL modem is really crap… :-( Not only it steals the ssh port 22 for itself, by I could not make it reliably redirect any other port (eg. 2222) to port 22 on a machine in the internal network. Sigh…

There's still a solution: configure it in the so-called 'bridged' mode, in which another machine can bring up a pppoe session (that is the DSL modem does act as a modem, not a router). But that means having a second machine doing the routing. Sigh…

Until it is supported by OpenWRT, stay away from the D-Link DSL-G624T at all cost!


Eventually, my girlfriend and I moved into the new house last WE (20080223). We did move all our stuff with the aid from our friends who did a tremendous amount of work to load and unload the truck of all our gear! Kudos to Vio, Franz, Sly, Maud, Ferdi, Erwan and our parents!

Now we are set up in the new house, most of the gross work is done, and all that is left is easier work (painting some walls, getting electricity down to the computer room, unpacking all the books…).

Meanwhile, I struggled for four days (nights, actually) to get my server back up and running… My new DSL line was up, the server was working OK, but the new DSL modem is a mess to set up! :-( Only French GUI available, but is a mess of a translation, WiFi is loosy at best, DNS relay is borked, DynDNS is borked, routing is confusing at best, but OpenWRT support is comming! :-) Bah, I eventually managed to get it work almost normally. Sorry for the lack of service for almost one week… Expect some interruption in the upcoming days when the computer room is ready…

Hey! It's been a little more than a year since I wrote the first entry in this log! Wooh! A lot has happened in this time frame! It's too late here to build a list, but I might do that in the upcoming days!

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